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Dr. Garrett Hamilton
First appearance (4.17 "A Constellation of Doubt")
Last appearance (4.17 "A Constellation of Doubt")
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation University of Michigan, Earth


Dr. Garrett Hamilton was an anthropologist at the University of Michigan on Earth. He was one of many experts interviewed for the television special "Alien Visitation".

Dr. Hamilton seemed to view the arrival of aliens to Earth as a positive occurrence and, true to his field, discussed its impact on human culture. He was impressed by Noranti and her abilities, pleased that human John Crichton and alien Aeryn Sun could be in love, and astounded that Sikozu could defy gravity. On Chiana, however, his view was a slightly less glowing, describing her as a "passionate, though troubled young lady."


  • (Following D'Argo's statement that humanity would not always win against overwhelming odds.): This is a watershed moment in human history. The equivalent of a huge meteor smashing Earth during dinosaur times. Will we bend under the sudden weight of it or respond and flourish?
  • (On Noranti): Why is it so hard for us to believe that someone from another planet can do things that we find extraordinary? Isn't she herself extraordinary, just by being here?
  • (On John and Aeryn): I, for one, like the idea that we're not alone. So why not go all the way? Become part of the cultural fabric of the new world in which we'll live? If they're in love... they're in love.