Gary Regal
The Lighter Side of Ka D'Argo
First appearance Won't Get Fooled Again
Last appearance Won't Get Fooled Again
Gender Male
Species Luxan
Affiliation IASA
Age 30-ish
Romantic Associations Flirts and makes out with Bettina Fairchild
Vehicle of Choice Sports Car
Weapon of Choice Quick Wit
Portrayed by Anthony Simcoe

Gary Regal was a very flamboyant version of Ka D'Argo, created in one of John Crichton's hallucinations.

The hottest new astronaut to come out of training, Gary Regal is an IASA pilot who's undergone surgery to give him tentacles as well as other 'odd' features as part of what DK called a "lifestyle choice". He is also a jerk, as DK put it. In Crichton's hallucination, Regal expressed a familiarity with John Crichton and offered to buy him a beer.

At the bar, Crichton tells Regal his troubles, thinking that someone is messing with his head and that he's not going to stand for it. Regal supports him with a boisterous "YEAH!" He then starts to make out with Doctor Bettina Fairchild while John finds Scorpius waiting for him at the bar.


Oh, YES.

Later, Gary and Bettina introduce Crichton to Jessica, a self-proclaimed astronaut groupie who is none other than Chiana in Crichton's growingly twisted hallucination. Then after a further series of unfortunate and equally weird events, Crichton finds himself in a sports car with Gary Regal who asks him to take part in a Luxan bonding ritual.

Gary's final appearance in Crichton's hallucination is back at the bar/dance club, doing all he can to boogie.


  • "My friend, one thing you have to learn. There is always time for beer."
  • "Y'know, life's a bitch. Let's get another drink."


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