The Goddess of the Delvian Seek is frequently mentioned and invoked by Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan. Guardian deity of the Delvian Pa'us, the Goddess is apparently a kind and merciful deity, renowned for Her gentleness and kindness. Her Pa'us dedicate themselves to following Her teachings – the Delvian Seek – and attempt to reach a state of mental peace in which they can emulate Her divine tranquility.

The multiple powers of the Pa'us come from the Goddess. They can only be used when the Pa'u is focused and calm, and the calmer they can school their minds to be, the wider range of powers they have access to. This seems to indicate that the "levels" of the Pa'us come from their mental refinement, not necessarily from any meditation or study. Although meditation is often used to reach the calm necessary to reach out to the Goddess, great dedication can sometimes substitute, as when Zotoh Zhaan ascended to the Tenth Level of Pa'u during a battle with Pa'u Tahleen.

Although the majority of the powers offered by the Goddess are peaceful in nature, a Pa'u does have the ability to turn these powers towards violent means, as both Zhaan and Tahleen demonstrated. However, misuse of the powers damages the mental control of the Pa'u, and should this misuse continue for too long, the Pa'u's sanity will be forfeit.

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