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Hasko seeks to do what is right.
First appearance (1.12 "Rhapsody in Blue")
Last appearance (1.12 "Rhapsody in Blue")
Gender Male
Species Delvian
Romantic Associations Romantically linked to Tahleen
Weapon of Choice Spell-Casting Chant
Portrayed by Michael Beckly


Hasko was a Delvian missionary and a follower of Tuzak and later Tahleen. As Tahleen's ambitions became clear, Hasko had great misgiving about her ideas and methods, frequently voicing as such to Lorana. He was powerless to stop her, however, and followed her instructions.

Hasko had a strong distrust of Peacekeepers, having been driven from his homeworld by them. When Moya was lured to the New Moon of Delvia, he berated Aeryn Sun for being in a part of the temple she was not allowed to enter and for bringing a weapon to the temple when explicitly told not to. He later used his mental abilities on Tahleens' orders to incapacitate Aeryn, Ka D'Argo, and Rygel with hallucinations to prevent them from rescuing Zhaan. After Lorana decided to turn on Tahleen, however, Hasko released the crew of Moya from his control, but warned them to stay away and let them handle the situation. D'Argo gave him two arns, but Crichton and Zhaan succeeded in stopping Tahleen. With Tahleen soon to be consumed by her insanity and their original leader Tuzak dead, the fates of Hasko, Lorana, and the rest of the sect were uncertain, but hopeful of a more positive future.


  • (To Aeryn): I have been driven from my homeland by your kind. I will not be driven from here also.
  • You must not invade our temple! The balance is very - delicate. Please, I have restored your memories. Now, allow us to do it our way.