Lieutenant Heskon
First appearance (1.19 "Nerve")
Last appearance (1.20 "The Hidden Memory")
Gender Male
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Portrayed by Anthony Kierann
"I can give you orders because I am a Chief Security Officer, Captain."
― Lt. Heskon

Lieutenant Heskon was the chief security officer at the Gammak Base in the Uncharted Territories. When John Crichton arrived at the base under the guise of Captain Larraq with his "companion" Chiana, Heskon greeted them with the base's commander, Javio. Like his commander, Heskon took a liking to Chiana.

As security chief, Heskon's duties included verifying the identities of all visitors. This became a problem for Crichton when Heskon subjected him to a genetic scan. He managed to pass it, however, thanks to the efforts of one of the base's techs, Gilina Renaez.

When Scorpius arrived, Heskon reported to and assisted him. Later, he brought Aeryn Sun, who had infiltrated the base posing as an officer from Crais' command carrier, to the detention area. When he opened the cell, however, she knocked him unconscious, allowing prisoners Crichton and Stark to escape.

His fate afterward is unknown, though it is possible he perished when the Gammak Base was later destroyed.

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