Hubero, the unfairly-discriminated-against Nebari.
First appearance (3.18 "Fractures")
Last appearance (3.18 "Fractures")
Gender Androgen
Species Nebari
Affiliation Independent
Age Deceased
Romantic Associations None
Known Family None known
Vehicle of Choice A dying transport pod
Portrayed by Kate Beahan

Bio[edit | edit source]

Growing up an androgen in the tight-laced Nebari society, Hubero has lived a hard life ever since she was born. Cast out by her family, banished by Nebari Prime, and rejected even by the Peacekeepers, her unique sex has always turned people against her. Finally, when the Peacekeepers could not return her to Nebari Prime, they decided to use her as a guinea pig to test out a new weapon that destroyed the bonds of metallic molecules.

However, along with the Scarran Naj Gil, the Hynerian Orrhn, and an unnamed Boolite, Hubero managed to hijack the transport pod she was to die on and escape Peacekeeper territory. They did not escape unscathed, however, owing to the acts of a traitor on board the pod, they were hit by the blast of the new weapon, which tore the Boolite to pieces and caused the pod to begin to disintegrate. Had Moya not happened to pass by and pick up the dying pod, all of its passengers would have perished immediately.

On board Moya, Hubero met Chiana, who was astounded to meet an openly-declared androgen and made an effort to put her racial prejudice against the gender aside in order to befriend the lonely Nebari. In Chiana, Hubero found most likely her first friend, and the two were inseparable while on Moya. Chiana even protected Hubero from Ka D'Argo when Naj Gil was shot, defending her friend's innocence by insisting that Hubero could not have performed the deed, as she had been with Chiana herself the entire time.

The idyllic relationship was not to last, however. Suspicions on Moya rose high and fast as the traitor – the Hynerian Orrhn – first sent out Peacekeeper signals, then shot Naj Gil, then shut down Moya and took Rygel captive. Chiana and Hubero attempted to stop Orrhn from making good her escape, but Orrhn was armed with a tiny pulse pistol, and she shot Hubero in the abdomen, killing her.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Not exactly male, not exactly female. Not exactly anything.
CHIANA: When I was growing up, I was told about androgens and...But...I, ah, they were always taken...right after birth. I...I never met one.
HUBERO: At least you didn't think you ever did.

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