Crichton 1
Planet of originEarth
Height of average adult5'0" - 7'0"
Average lengthN/A
Average wingspanN/A
Skin colorVaries
Hair colorVaries
Feather colorN/A
First Appearance(1.01 "Premiere")
DistinctionsAppear physically identical to Sebaceans; Allegedly poor eyesight relative to other sentient species

First sighting - Episode 1.01 "Premiere"

Humans are a new species in the Uncharted Territories; only one of them is known to live there. They are a bipedal species, and a fully grown and developed Human is normally five to seven feet high. They are of similar proportion and appearance to Sebaceans, but there are several known differences, such as the bacteria colonizing their digestive tract.

The Human species has a relatively short lifespan of about eighty to ninety cycles. Another physical and biological difference from Sebaceans, and indeed other species, is their relatively poor eyesight and hearing. Vision that Humans consider to be perfect 20/20 is actually remarkably deficient by Sebacean (and other alien race) standards. In their favor, Humans seem to be much more resistant to heat and immune to heat delirium. Humans also lack a paraphoral nerve. Also, they are capable of surviving at least half a minute in empty space without sustaining lasting injuries. Humans are also known to be exceptionally resistant to effects and processes of Aurora Chair. This is apparently a very uncommon trait.

Humans inhabit only one planet, their homeworld, which they call "Earth." They are the dominant species on this insignificant planet, roughly seventy percent of which is covered with water. Humans have yet to develop any significant space flight abilities, having only made their first forays into space in the last forty to fifty cycles.

One observer noted that if Humans are remembered at all, it will most likely be for the quality of their manual labor.


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