Luxan hyper-rage occurred when a Luxan, such as Ka D'Argo, was overwhelmed by extreme bouts of anger. It happened naturally and took years of training to manage properly, if not overcome.

The ailment appeared to be a biological feature unique to male Luxans, and no female Luxans were ever seen or reported to have been exhibiting the symptoms.

At one point, D'Argo was initially directing his hyper-rage at John Crichton simply because Crichton was male. ("Thank God It's Friday... Again")

It was possible for a Luxan to blackout during a hyper-rage, and retain no memory of the event. This was used against D'Argo when he was accused by his brother-in-law of going into a rage and killing his wife, Lo'Laan. These "facts" were later proven false when D'Argo fought him in Katoya's mind chair. ("Mental as Anything")

It is unknown if Luxan hybrids such as D'Argo's son, Ka Jothee, could experience hyper-rage.

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