The Ilanic/Scorvian War was set off around three cycles prior to Moya's initial escape from Peacekeeper slavery. Open warfare began when the Scorvians launched an unprovoked attack on an outlying colony in the Ilanic Sector. Two million Ilanic civilians were killed in what would be the first of a long, costly conflict that claimed many lives.

During the war, the Ilanics received support from their genetic cousins the Luxans, who contributed troops and armaments to the Ilanic cause. In spite of their help, however, the war dragged on for three cycles with no end in sight.

Weapon Development[edit | edit source]

Desperate to bring it to an end, the Ilanics began turning to more unorthodox methods, researching and developing more powerful weaponry and superweapons. In one such case, Ilanic scientists hoped to harness and test the power of a quantum singularity. The first test went badly, accidentally destroying the Ilanic cruiser. Only one scientist, Verell, and his assistant Matala escaped the ship's destruction with the new weapon safely in a containment field.[2] Unknown to Verell, the Scorvians had discovered the Ilanics' considerable progress in developing the devastating superweapon and had placed Matala as a spy in order to help the Scorvians get the weapon themselves. Before a Scorvian ship could arrive to claim the weapon, however, Verell and Matala were picked up by Moya and Matala's plot was eventually exposed. Verell released the containment field in his dying moments, subjecting Matala's shuttle and the Scorvian cruiser to the unstoppable power of the black hole, destroying them and preventing the Scorvians from acquiring the weapon.

While this specific weapon would play no part in the war, it is possible that the Ilanics continued to develop the project. If it was ever utilized or even if the war itself has ended is unknown.

Apocrypha[edit | edit source]

According to the Farscape Roleplaying Game by Alderac Entertainment, the Ilanics encountered the Scorvians while looking for worlds to colonize of which Scorvia was one. The Scorvians were a less-advanced race, having not yet achieved interstellar travel. The Ilanics offered more advanced technology in exchange for being allowed to colonize the planet.

The Ilanics intended for the Scorvians to become dependent on them for technology but the Scorvians saw through this plot and determined to take what they offered until they gained enough power to rival the Ilanics.

The Scorvians launched a surprise attack on the Ilanic colony using Novatrin gas (one of The Six Forbidden Cargoes for Leviathans), totally destroying the two million residents but leaving their technology intact. The attack was so swift, by the time Ilania knew what was happening, the Scorvians had built a defense force around their home system.

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