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|planet= Ilania<ref name="rpg">[[Farscape RPG|Farscape Rolepalying Game]] by Alderac Entertainment <sup>(non-canon)</sup></ref>
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Ilanics were a bipedal species, similar to their distant cousins, the Luxans. The two species had been blood allies for a thousand cycles.


Like the Luxans, Ilanics possess cranial tentacles, called "tenkas:" two large ones on their forehead, and two mid-sized ones towards the back of the skull. Males also have secondary tenkas on their chin. They often decorate their tenkas with metal rings or tattoos.


Ilanics and Luxans share many genetic traits, and mating across racial species is common. Most Ilanic researchers believe that massive interbreeding took place when the two species first encountered each other. A less popular theory, some scholars claim that either the Luxans or the Ilanics were a lost colony from early attempts at space travel.[1]


Ilania is the Ilanics' homeworld. It is extremely close to the Luxan homeworld; the two stars are less than one light cycle from each other. It consists of large, shallow oceans and moist swampy ground. A large animal population also inhabits the planet including numerous parasites and other disease carriers which threatened the early Ilanics.[1]

Modern Ilania is covered with well-developed cities, many of which float on the oceans or hover above the swamps. Their massive capital of Jiri is a network of lights and towers, visible from orbit. Libraries are often the most impressive structures in these cities, though scientific facilities are also imposing.[1]


Most Ilanic worlds are ruled by a council of six elected by popular vote. The supreme ruling body on Ilania is called the Central Council. It commands the Ilanic military.[1]

Ilanics of either gender may serve on a council. A new council member is elected every two cycles, each serving for twelve cycles.[1]


The dangers of their planet prompted a technological advancement faster than that of most other races. And many Ilanics work as technicians, mechanics, doctors, or scientists.[1] Most recently, their scientific efforts have been focused, unsuccessfully, on harnessing black holes as a military weapon.[2]

Foreign Relations

Ilanics enjoy sharing their technology and allow others access to their achievements. They believe that by sharing information they establish dominance over them. However, they have recently become more secretive and guarded due to their ongoing war with the Scorvians[1] who have been known to alter the appearance of their spies to look Ilanic.[2]

Luxans and Ilanics have a strong and ancient alliance, that has lasted for over one thousand cycles. Ilanics helped develop the Luxans technologically while the Luxans taught the Ilanics martial skills.[1]


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