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The Interions are a race of bipedal humanoids, roughly the same size and proportions as Humans and Sebaceans, but with different cranial architecture. In some circumstances, most often when in the throes of strong negative emotions, the hair of an Interion will change colors; the hair of Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis, usually a ginger color, changes to a flaming scarlet when she is feeling stressed or angry. Interions also shed like cats, to the point that their lost hair can even clog up machinery and electronics.

The effect of an Interion scream.

The Interions' high-pitched scream is somehow capable of melting small metal objects in her vicinity. It is unknown whether this occurs because of the pitch, the volume, or the pure grating sound of the scream, but it occurs without the Interion's conscious control. Because only female Interions (specifically, Jool) have been seen to scream, it is unknown whether the males' scream has the same effect.

Interion society seems to be geared toward education in the arts and sciences; it is not uncommon for a member of the intellectual elite have sixteen advanced degrees or more. Included in the basic education, it would appear, are the biological and medical sciences, history, and archeology. Indeed, the Interions have established an archeological dig at Arnessk, the site where, according to legend, a group of priests maintained peace between Sebaceans and Scarrans for five hundred generations, until about 10,000 cycles ago. Tentative evidence- a tile with symbols from Interion, human and Sebeacean culture- suggests the Interions might have been involved in this truce as well.

Interions are also against violence and war, and believe the Peacekeepers are inferior grunts suited only to carry weapons and die in battle. Jool once claimed that there were no wars. weapons or violence on her planet, but this might have been an exaggeration.

It would appear that Interions and humans may be related, as they are compatible medical donors for each other in some respects. As Peacekeepers were genetically engineered from primitive humans, it is possible that the Interions share a similar origin.

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