First appearance "If You Can Be an Idiot, I Can Be an Idiot"
Last appearance "I Spit on Your Grave"
Gender Female
Species Ytrehoddish
Affiliation Egrof Arms
Known Family Lei (husband); Liww (son)


Ioseul was a Ytrehoddish who lived on the moon Egrof and ran the inn Egrof Arms with her husband Lei and son Liww. Like most of the moon, her business was hit hard by the economic standstill that occurred after the crime lord Xocgerg's death. The infighting between Xocgerg's lieutenants Esseret and Kitrap all but stopped Egrof's main industry, so when Ka D'Argo and Jool arrived to stay at their inn, Ioseul and Lei were more than happy to accommodate their first guests in recent memory. Ioseul and Lei were witness to a number of meetings between D'Argo, Jool, and various representatives of Esseret and Kitrap. They also observed with horror and disgust a fight outside their inn between the two factions. The greatest surprise came, however, when Ioseul and Lei learned that Liww had helped Esseret's people kidnap Jool, an action for which they punished their son. Though they feared D'Argo would kill them for their son's part in the plot, D'Argo held no reprisal.




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