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Ithrawan Plonek
Grunchlk's wild card
First appearance (3.01 "Season of Death")
Last appearance (3.01 "Season of Death")
Gender Male
Species Scarran
Affiliation Scarran Empire
Age Deceased
Weapon of Choice Heat projection
Portrayed by Thomas Holesgrove
"I hope he kills you very slowly."
― Grunchlk to Scorpius

Irathwan Plonek is a Scarran soldier and spy.


In their search for information on their infamous enemy Scorpius, the Scarrans discover the planet and Diagnosan where the half-breed had his sophisticated cooling suit created. Hoping to recapture him, the Scarrans send Plonek to the planet where he makes a deal with the Diagnosan's business partner, an individual named Grunchlk. Grunchlk takes the credits offered and puts Plonek into stasis with his own ulterior motive. Grunclk decides that if Scorpius returns and things stay civil, he can hand the Scarran over to the Peacekeepers and receive their gratitude and reward currency. If not, he can release the Scarran and have the satisfaction of knowing it'll probably kill or capture Scorpius. Either way, Grunchlk wins.

When Scorpius arrives some time later responding to a message from his neural clone, Grunchlk activates a timer that will release the Scarran in three arns. The Peacekeepers strong arm him, so Grunchlk elects not to tell them about Plonek. Unfortunately, Grunchlk's partner Tocot detects the stasis pod's auto release. When he goes to investigate, the revived Plonek kills him with his heat projection.

In order to keep Plonek distracted, Scorpius uses a device on Grunchlk that allows him to take control of his body, forcing Grunchlk to do and say what Scorpius wants. The Scorpius-controlled Grunchlk meets with Plonek, telling him that Scorpius is not on the planet, but that someone just as valuable is: John Crichton. With this new information, Plonek traps Grunchlk in a stasis pod and goes after Crichton.

Plonek soon finds Crichton and Ka D'Argo in the surgery room. He burns through the locked doors to the surgery room and then follows them out to the planet's frigid surface. Outside in the raging blizzard, Plonek corners them as they try to get back inside through a jammed door. He gets into a brief scuffle with D'Argo, easily besting the Luxan with his superior strength, but before he can finish it, a resurrected Aeryn Sun arrives with D'Argo's Qualta Blade. Plonek takes several shots to the belly, but only suffers a sizable stomach wound. Crichton, however, finishes the job by stabbing a large icicle into the wound and killing Plonek.


  • (About Crichton): "Scorpius seems obsessed with him. We want to know why."
  • (heat tortures Grunchlk, drops him) "I might serve use for you later"(puts grunchlk in cryo chamber)


  • Thomas Holesgrove plays both Plonek and Tocot. Because of this, in the scene where the Scarran kills the Diagnosan, he is essentially murdering himself.
  • The costume for this Scarran was re-used three times in season 3.