Ivan Chanderpaul
First appearance (4.17 "A Constellation of Doubt")
Last appearance (4.17 "A Constellation of Doubt")
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Federation of American Buddhists, Earth
Portrayed by Michael Barnacoat


Ivan Chanderpaul was a Buddhist and a member of the Federation of American Buddhists on Earth. He was one of many experts interviewed for the television special "Alien Visitation".

Chanderpaul seemed to view the visit as a mostly positive event. He expressed hope that marriage and unions between the people of Earth and aliens would generate trust between them, believed that Bobby Coleman's tonguing by D'Argo made the boy wiser, felt that Chiana showed a contagious innocence and found her viewpoints on materialism to be highly evolved. His only issue seemed to be with Noranti's views on justified killing, as he himself believed that taking another life must not be allowable.


  • There is never an occasion when murder is allowable. Life is the font of all that we hold with respect.
  • Every experience is a learning experience. The boy did not die, he is wiser.
  • (About Chiana): One must look past the physical and see the spiritual side. She condemns materialism and waste... a highly evolved outlook.



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