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Dr. Jason Fletcher
First appearance (4.17 "A Constellation of Doubt")
Last appearance (4.17 "A Constellation of Doubt")
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation International Society of Sociology, Earth

Dr. Jason Fletcher was a sociologist and the president of the International Society of Sociology on Earth. He was one of many experts interviewed for the television special "Alien Visitation".

Fletcher examined how the arrival of alien visitors had impacted and continued to impact human society. He expressed concern over the visit's effects, but was impressed by the aliens' perspectives on human culture, namely Noranti's observations that humans never give up and humanity's violent past, D'Argo's statement that human culture is still young, and Rygel's actions emphasizing material and consumerism as perhaps understanding human best of all.


  • My biggest fear, exacerbated in part by these tapes, is that the fabric of our society may come under an assault it is not yet prepared to withstand
  • Listen to what she's saying about us. Humans never give up. Now, for that to become impressed upon an alien mind, this simple fact that we would tend to take for granted ourselves, becomes validation that we eventually will fit in. Never give up.
  • Miss Noranti is not wrong that we have a history and culture of killing that we continually attempt to wallpaper with justifications and platitudes. I see nothing wrong with what she's saying.
  • Imagine. Think of how we view ourselves. A sophisticated culture, growing, evolving. Then look how he view us... undisciplined and adventurous. As time goes on, I predict we'll be forced to realign every concept by which we judge ourselves.
  • I know you'll think I'm joking, but he seems to understand our culture better than we're willing to admit. As an outsider, his views are a prismatic tool for us to perhaps... examine ourselves.