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John lizard.jpg
First appearance Farscape: Scorpius 0
Vehicle of Choice Scorpius' shoulder
This article pertains to Scorpius' lizard companion. For the show's main character see John Crichton


"John" was the name given by Scorpius to a small reptilian creature he encountered on an ice planet following his exile from Hyneria. In his solitude, Scorpius would speak to the creature, explaining to it the reasoning behind his actions and decision as the situations changed. Scorpius appeared to keep John as a pet, feeding it scraps and letting it ride on his shoulder as he moved about. In Scorpius' time on the planet, John had developed a loyalty to him, following him wherever he went. Scorpius had also, apparently, given John some training, as he was able to direct the creature to steal Grennij Captain Grrior's pipe and lure Grrior back to Scorpius. John later stayed with Scorpius as the latter joined the Grennij fleet and later in his first encounter with General Ba of the Kkore. Thus far, John has stayed with Scorpius in his time serving the Kkore.