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Jonathan Hardy
Born September 20, 1940
Wellington, New Zealand
Died July 30, 2012
Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia

Jonathan Hardy was a New Zealand born actor, director, and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter who was best known for providing the distinctive voice of Dominar Rygel XVI throughout the history of Farscape.


Elements of Rygel's facial features were modelled after Hardy, most notably the actor's distinctive eyebrows.

Prior to Farscape, Hardy was well known for his stage, TV and film work. In 1978 he was one of the original cast members of the original stage play of Breaker Morant, and he went on to co-write the screenplay for the 1980 film adaptation; this work was nominated for an Oscar.

His films include Moulin Rouge!, the original Mad Max film, and The Devil's Playground. He also directed the film Backstage which starred the late pop star Laura Branigan.

Aside from his voice-only role as Rygel, Hardy also got a chance to appear on screen in the Farscape two-parter "Look at the Princess - A Kiss is but a Kiss" and "Look at the Princess - I Do, I Think", in which he played the Builder "god", Kahaynu.

Hardy provided the voice of Rygel in 84 of the series' 88 episodes. The only ones for which he was absent were "Losing Time", "Incubator", "Scratch 'N' Sniff" and "Revenging Angel". He therefore appeared in more episodes than anyone other than Ben Browder, who appeared in every episode.

He died on July 30, 2012.[1]

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