Jotheb is a patient prisoner
First appearance (1.04 "Throne For a Loss")
Last appearance (1.04 "Throne For a Loss")
Gender Male
Species Trao
Affiliation Consortium of Trao
Portrayed by Voiced by Tim Mieville

Bio[edit | edit source]

Jotheb was a Trao and next in line of succession for ruler of the interstellar power the Consortium of Trao. At some point, Jotheb was kidnapped by Bekhesh's Tavlek mercenaries and held for ransom. During his captivity, Jotheb was imprisoned in a cage next to Rygel XVI, former Dominar of the Hynerian Empire and escaped prisoner of the Leviathan Moya.

Unlike Rygel, Jotheb was a calm and cooperative prisoner, going out of his way not to anger his captors and biding his time until his subjects paid his ransom, an event he knew to be inevitable. In spite of its apparent size, Jotheb was not aware of the Hynerian Empire, though Rygel shot back that he was not aware of the Consortium of Trao.

In their imprisonment beside each other, Jotheb and Rygel interacted frequently, Jotheb usually advising Rygel not to do anything that might anger the Tavleks, whether Rygel wanted the advice or not. Jotheb was normally calm and polite, becoming alarmed only once when Rygel attempted escape only to be discovered and nearly killed by Bekhesh. After using his tentacle to somehow revive Rygel, Jotheb grew angry when he learned that Rygel had lied to him about ruling the Hynerian Empire and was in fact the deposed ruler, meaning that billions of Hynerians would not come under the control of the Consortium in payment for the debt of bringing Rygel back to life.

Later, when John Crichton and Ka D'Argo arrived in search of Rygel, Jotheb informed them that Rygel had been taken by Bekhesh to another location, believing that Rygel was a very valuable prisoner. When Crichton offered to break Jotheb out of jail, the Trao refused, choosing instead to wait for his peoples ransom payment to arrive which Bekhesh had informed him was only days away. Though his fate is unknown, it is likely that the payment arrived and that Jotheb was returned to his people.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • The imperfection is yours.
  • (About Rygel's skull bowl): That can be no one you knew.
  • Critter?
  • Staying here is my preference. I'm awaiting my release. Rygel should be informed that his ransom will NOT be paid by the Consortium of Trao. His presence has been decided to be too... disruptive.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

(1.04 "Throne For a Loss")

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