War-Master Kamin
First appearance "Divided We Stand"
Last appearance "Talkin' Kkore Blues"
Gender Male
Species Scorvian
Affiliation Scorvians, United Uncharted Territories forces


War-Master Kamin was a high-ranking officer in the Scorvian military. He held the progressive point of view that the Scorvians should normalize relations with their longtime enemies the Luxans. His ideas were unable to take hold until the War for the Uncharted Territories, when the deaths of most of the Luxans' highest-ranking officers left General Ka Jothee in charge, the first Luxan leader to be openly receptive to the idea.

Kamin's forces allied with Jothee's and their combined fleet were able to deal some blows to the Kkore forces, at one point managing to salvage a working Kkore cannon.

The Luxan/Scorvian fleet later journeyed to the Falaman System, arriving in time to and turn the tide of the First Battle of the Falaman System in favor of the allied forces of the Uncharted Territories.

Kamin later met on Moya with the leaders of the other militaries to strategize their next step against the Kkore.

Kamin and his fleet fought in the deciding Second Battle of the Falaman System, fighting in the battle with at least some of the Scorvians lending their individual faiths to the greater Delvian Dej-Wah.


  • We have done more than survive. We have found strength in adversity. And we have come together with our longtime enemies.



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