Kato-Re seems to like Crichton
First appearance (1.14 "Jeremiah Crichton")
Last appearance (1.14 "Jeremiah Crichton")
Gender Male
Species Acquaran, presumably Sebacean
Known Family Lishala (daughter)
Portrayed by John O'Brien

Kato-Re was the Grondeer or chief of his village of Acquarans and the father of Lishala. He was a fair and likable leader, easily welcoming John Crichton after the human crash-landed on Acquara and accepting his presence. When his daughter showed interest in taking John as her mate, Kato-Re summoned to human to his side to tell him of the news. He did not anticipate, however, the consequences her decision or the arrival of Crichton's companions would have for his village.

When it later appeared that Crichton's friend Ka D'Argo, who had arrived to take the human back to Moya, had attacked the Acquarans' best hunter Rokon, Kato-Re was firm in his decision, sentencing Crichton to ten cycles of hard labor as punishment. The appearance of Rygel, however, caused the Acquarans believed that the Masata, or savior, had arrived to take them from Acquara. When Rygel disputed his status as a god, the Acquarans, including Kato-Re, were angered that he would pose as a false god. Crichton's discovery and deactivation of a power dampening device, a machine that had prevented all electronic equipment on the planet from operating, revealed the truth. Realizing that they and their ancestors had been duped and punished by the Hynerian Empire for centuries, Kato-Re was happy that his people were now free and able to stay on Acquara. He thanked Rygel, offering him a basket of food before the Hynerian returned to Moya.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Amongst our people, it is the female who chooses which male she will mate with for life. It may be out of your hands my dear Crichton.
  • Remember, our ancestors were space travelers too. We are but colonists here ourselves.
  • You've given us the greatest gift of all, Dominar Rygel - you've given us our freedom. Now we can stay on our beloved Acquara.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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