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Froot Loop
First appearance (4.15 "Mental as Anything")
Last appearance (4.15 "Mental as Anything")
Gender Male
Affiliation Independent
Age Deceased
Portrayed by John Brumpton

Katoya was the master of a mental arts training camp, and a mentor to Scorpius, who once sought him out to learn and improve on various things, among them, patience, endurance, the ability to withstand extreme burning pain, Scarran resistance, and probably also some of his fighting skills. Katoya also tried to teach Scorpius to overcome his need of a coolant suit, but sadly, that aspect of Scorpius's training was largely unsuccessful, probably due to the fact that Katoya himself is not a sebecean/scarran hybrid with the heat/cooling problem that Scorpius has every instant of his life. Very late in Season 4, the remaining male members of Moya's crew (John, Rygel, D'Argo, and Scorpius.) head to his camp at the insistence of Scorpius for the purpose of learning mental discipline that would probably teach them to ignore torture. John by that point hardly wanted to participate in his training in the slightest after all he'd been through up to that point, but enevitably he had no choice and Katoya increased his anti Scarran training by a lot. Rygel has one successful session in his VR and that's it. Scorpius learned very little from the short amount of sessions. Ultimately at that point, it is Ka D'Argo who learned the most from him. Machton, D'Argo's brother in law/the murderer of D'Argo's wife, happened to be there when they did, probably as a result of trying to avoid D'Argo, who had been threatening to kill him over long distance communications for over half a cycle at that point. Machton filled D'Argo's head with mostly lies, but they were good lies, so Dargo asked for Katoya's help to find out if he killed his wife or not. During the session, Machton removed Katoya from his VR machine and took over the more powerful console to have the advantage over D'Argo. Katoya was thrown against thick glass, leaving a large pile of blood on it, and was either severely knocked out or killed. It is not specified as to whether or not Machton managed to kill him or not. Before his death, he told Scorpius about the Screeth that attacked John's home planet, Earth, and killed two of his best friends and attacked him and his family. Katoya's permanent status in the Farscape universe is unclear. But for now, it has been accepted general that Machton seems to have killed him.