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Unnamed daughter of John Crichton and Princess Katralla
She is a child yet to be...
First appearance (2.13 "Look at the Princess - The Maltese Crichton")
Last appearance (2.13 "Look at the Princess - The Maltese Crichton")
Species Sebacean-Human Hybrid
Affiliation Breakaway Colonies
Known Family John Crichton (father), Princess Katralla (mother), Counselor Elkar Tyno (step-father)
Portrayed by Rose Klemp

This child is the unnamed half-Human, half-Sebacean daughter of John Crichton and Princess Katralla. She was projected as a hologram at the age of about 7, allowing the pair to see what their unborn baby would look like. Near the end of the LATP trilogy, Crichton learned that he could not survive returning to stasis. Forced to leave his unborn daughter behind, he insisted that Counselor Tyno, Katralla's beloved, take his place as her consort and raise the baby with her.

In the brief moment of Crichton's interaction with the daughter-hologram, she calls him "Daddy" and tells him she loves him. This is Crichton's first and last sight of his child; he leaves the Royal Planet in a state of heart-break.


  • "Hi Daddy"


  • Though non-canon, Crichton's daughter is named Katrana in the short story "Horizons", written by series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon.
  • In the third volume of Boom! Studios' Farscape comics, "Gone and Back" Issue #1, her name is the same.
  • The character of Katrana was portrayed by Ben Browder's actual daughter who was acting under a different name.