Commander Kcrackic
First appearance (1.13 "The Flax")
Gender Male (presumably)
Species Zenetan Pirate
Affiliation Zenetan Pirates
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Zenetan Transport
Portrayed by John Batchelor

Kcrackic was Red Mentor and leader of the Zenetan Pirates. Known for his ruthlessness and cruelty, Kcrackic was feared by individuals such as Staanz, who had told Zenetan secrets in order to get out of prison.

While trying to track Staanz down, Kcrackic encountered and boarded the Leviathan Moya. Fortunately for the crew, Kcrackic chose not to raid the ship, in part because she carried nothing of value and also due to a previous attempt to take over a pregnant Leviathan that cost him the lives of 80 men. As he prepared to leave, Kcrackic noticed Rygel had a large collection of kelvic crystals, currency used in the game Tadek which Staanz was known to enjoy. Kcrackic challenged Rygel to a game and eventually cleaned the Hynerian out. Desperate to get his winnings back, Rygel admitted that Staanz had visited Moya and wagered his coordinates. Unfortunately, Rygel lost again and gave up the coordinates. After Kcrackic and his crew had departed, Rygel revealed to an incensed Zhaan that he had given Kcrackic the wrong coordinates and that they would be long gone by the time the pirates realized their mistake. He also noted that losing to Kcrackic had been difficult as he was a terrible Tadek player. ("The Flax")

Over a cycle later, Rygel hoped to contact Kcrackic to gain use of the Flax. He discovered, however, that Kcrackic was now dead and his position had been assumed by Rygel's old nemesis: Selto Durka. ("Liars, Guns and Money - With Friends Like These...")

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • I once tried to commandeer a pregnant leviathan. 80 men died.
  • You offer us nothing. What we want from your ship, we take. And I see nothing of value here.

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