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Officer Kobrin
Undone by arrogance
First appearance (3.01 "Season of Death")
Last appearance (3.01 "Season of Death")
Gender Male
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Marauder
Portrayed by Aaron Catalan
"I am certain we can outrun the gunship long enough to reach [the carrier] safely."
― Officer Kobrin displays his overconfidence


Officer Kobrin was a Peacekeeper pilot under Scorpius' command. His skills were exceptional, having scored a 991 rating, the highest of all active Peacekeeper pilots. This caused Kobrin to get a sense of arrogance about his considerable abilities, something that would eventually lead to his undoing.

When Scorpius and Lt. Braca led a small group of soldiers to an ice planet to recover a neuro-chip from the brain of John Crichton, it was Kobrin who piloted a Marauder in on a stealth trajectory, slipping past the gunship Talyn while it was distracted.

Later, after the chip had been recovered, Kobrin reported that it would be several arns before Scorpius' command carrier could pick them up. He believed, however, that his piloting abilities would be sufficient to allow them to escape, a sentiment that Scorpius did not share.

When the carrier finally did arrive, Scorpius came up with a plan to guarantee his survival along with the invaluable wormhole information. Scorpius had Kobrin take the Marauder in a run to the carrier, making Talyn and Crais believe that Scorpius himself was aboard. Talyn pursued the Marauder, destroying it just before it reached the carrier, killing Kobrin, but secretly allowing Scorpius to survive.


  • "My last rating was 991 sir. No active pilot rates higher."
  • Scorpius: "Plainly, Officer Kobrin overestimated his piloting skills.