NamTar's handiwork shows on Kornata
First appearance 1.09 ("DNA Mad Scientist")
Last appearance 1.09 ("DNA Mad Scientist")
Gender Female
Portrayed by Sarah Burns

Kornata was a brilliant scientist who specialized in genetic science. She and her team of scientists were testing the effects of genetics humanely on other living organisms, mainly testing on the cures for illnesses and disease. Kornata used a rather pathetic small creature to test a theory in which she believed it would be possible to increase the intelligence of a creature without having to teach it new things. To do this, she injected it regularly with a serum to boost its natural intelligence. It worked and the creature grew smarter at an astounding rate and she named the creature NamTar. NamTar's intelligence continued to grow until it became smart enough that it was able to increase its own intelligence by itself without assistance. As NamTar grew smarter he surpassed Kornata and the other scientists and genetic experiments of his own. One of NamTar's first test subjects was Kornata herself. His extensive testing on her led to some serious side effects, leaving her body hideously deformed, her right hand is enlarged, and her head harnessed by thick leather straps, (likely due to problems during testing that left her head injured or to prevent further deformation.) NamTar enslaved Kornata, using her as a lab assistant in his search for perfection.

Eventually, Kornata was able to overthrow NamTar with the help of John Crichton. She injected NamTar with a serum that automatically reverted him back to his original form, which resembled that of a gremlin-like rat, and robbed him of his intelligence. Kornata finally had her lab back.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • NamTar! Your anger - release me! Please!
  • (To Pilot): You're - MAGNIFICENT!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Throughout the episode in which Kornata is seen the majority of the time she is holding her enlarged hand. Because of the weight of the hand, Sarah Burns had to take extended breaks in order to keep her strength up for the arm to be used. It was quite a task for her to carry, and needed skilled puppetry to control the movements of the fingers. The metal is what weighed one side of her down more than anything else.
  • NamTar and Kornata are very similar to the famous, Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Igor.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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