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* ''[[Paradise Lost]]''
* ''[[Paradise Lost]]''

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Planet of originKylei
DistinctionsSebaceanoid species

Kyleis were an avian species native to the planet Kylei.


The Kylei were originally a group that were persecuted by their religious beliefs. On the First World the Kylei managed to rebel against their enslavement under the leadership of Setos. They wandered the stars for generations until they heard a distorted distress signal calling them to the world Tivira. Seeing it as a religious moment and the voice of their deity they have waged a fanatical war with the Garangee over this lifeless world from their adopted world of Kylei.

When the truth was revealed Talalee the new leader of the Kylei refused to admit that her religion was based on a lie and continued her war against Garangee.



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