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Sergeant Kyona
First appearance (1.03 "Exodus From Genesis")
Gender Female
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Vehicle of Choice Marauder
Weapon of Choice Pulse rifle
Portrayed by Jodie Dry
"Something is wrong here, sir. This ship is floating dead in space with its cargo doors wide open. Our scans show her propulsion systems are fully operational. Why?"
― Kyona

Sergeant Kyona was a Peacekeeper commando who was part of the unit that boarded Moya during her encounter with the draks.

Kyona was somewhat cautious, questioning the unusual state in which they discovered the Leviathan, dead in space with its bays open as well as the strange substance they discovered on board.

Like the rest of her squad, her considerable skills as a soldier were nullified shortly after boarding Moya as they were all incapacitated in short order by the extreme heat created by the draks.

John Crichton confronted the commandos in their overheated state, telling them to deliver a warning to Bialar Crais to stay away for face death. He then let the commandos go. ("Exodus From Genesis")