There's a reason Kyvan isn't the most attractive lady.
First appearance (2.06 "Picture If You Will")
Last appearance (2.06 "Picture If You Will")
Gender Female
Portrayed by Chris Haywood

Kyvan was an alter ego created by Maldis who owned a merchant station in the Uncharted Territories. He used her as a means to get an enchanted picture aboard Moya as a means to take revenge on Zhaan for besting him a cycle earlier. When the crew of Moya later realized that their troubles had stemmed from Kyvan's bazaar, Aeryn Sun and Rygel returned to investigate her. After Zhaan realized that Kyvan was Maldis' link to the corporeal world, she had Pilot order Aeryn to shoot her. Kyvan shattered into hundreds of pieces moments before her station did the same.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like Maldis' alter egos, Kyvan was played by Chris Haywood. Kyvan is the only female character Haywood plays on the show.

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