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Captain Larraq
The good captain
First appearance (1.18 "A Bug's Life")
Gender Male
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Marauder
Weapon of Choice Pulse pistol
Portrayed by Paul Leyden
"Larraq. Captain. And my assignment's none of your business"
― Captain Larraq

Larraq was a Peacekeeper captain and leader of a group of Special Ops commandos. He and his squad boarded Moya after their Marauder was damaged while on its way to a Gammak Base. They came face to face with Moya's crew, who were posing as a Peacekeeper ship. Larraq had the Leviathan set course for the base, stating that he and his team were on a mission of utmost importance: recovery and transport of a dangerous fugitive. Not long after their arrival, Chiana's and Rygel's curiosity resulted in the release of the prisoner - a highly dangerous intellant virus that they had tracked for nearly a cycle. The virus jumped from host to host as the commandos worked with Moya's crew to track it down, eventually resulting in the deaths of all of the commandos and Larraq's infection. With the virus controlling him, Larraq attempted to escape in the Marauder, stabbing Aeryn (whom Larraq had grown close to) on the way to give himself time. Quick thinking by John Crichton allowed Moya to ignite the Marauder's leaking cesium fuel, destroying the ship and Larraq with it. This was the first time that Crichton killed an intelligent being (although Crichton had previously killed Larraq's medical officer, Hassan, this was while inhabited by the same virus that later took over Larraq). ("A Bug's Life")

Crichton later posed as Larraq when he attempted to infiltrate the Gammak Base to find a tissue sample to save Aeryn's life and would later be captured by Scorpius ("Nerve")


  • "Awful big ship for one little girl."
  • "Emergency situation. My team and I are on a priority Red-One mission. We need your boat here to complete it. Therefore, under Article 4-1-4 Decca, I hereby assume command over it, your crew... And you.
  • "My people will follow every one of my orders instantly - and without question. If I asked them to spit out of their eye I expect them to drop dead trying. Make them stand up just because I walk into a room? Come on - I respect them too much for that."
  • (To Aeryn) "I've seen you in action. What are you doing in Ustar Regiment huh? You're being wasted there. You're wasting yourself there. Plus, I like the idea of having you nearby."