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Laura Kopecki
Laura Kopecki.jpg
First appearance (4.11 "Unrealized Reality")
Last appearance (4.13 "Terra Firma")
Species Human
Affiliation IASA
Age Deceased
Romantic Associations "DK" (husband)
Portrayed by Katherine Thomas


Laura Kopecki was a scientist at IASA and the wife of John Crichton's best friend "DK". Though she initially dismissed DK as "geeky", he eventually won her over and they married in Naples some time after Crichton reached the Uncharted Territories.

Laura was one of several "interviewees" shown to Crichton by the Ancient known as "Einstein" in an effort to show him the possibilities of unrealized realities and the dangers of wormhole travel. ("Unrealized Reality")

Crichton would encounter the real Laura when he returned to Earth with Moya shortly thereafter. Along with her husband, Laura was part of the scientific team that examined, with little understanding, the alien technology Crichton had brought back with him. Crichton's lack of information on it frustrated her, as she felt that Crichton was holding out on them.

Laura and "DK" were attacked and killed by a Skreeth, a powerful alien that had stowed away on Moya under the orders of Commandant Grayza. Their bodies were later discovered by Ka D'Argo. ("Terra Firma")


  • (About DK): He is a geek.
  • We need some help. We're Neanderthals trying to understand 747s.