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Sergeant Learko
Luxan Commandoes.jpg
Learko just likes to fight
First appearance Peacekeeper Wars: Part 1
Last appearance Peacekeeper Wars: Part 2
Gender Male
Species Luxan
Affiliation Luxan Commandos
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Penetrator
Weapon of Choice Qualta Blade
Portrayed by John Adam

Sergeant Learko was a Luxan commando under the command of Kleeva Ka Jothee during the time of the Peacekeeper/Scarran War. As Learko put it, field officer Jothee "[had] the brains" while the rest of the team "just [liked] to fight." He and his squad were aboard the Luxan Penetrator which had been tracking Scarran Emperor Staleek when they came across and rescued Ka D'Argo and Chiana shortly after the destruction of the Eradicator-class Lo'La. Using information gathered by D'Argo, Learko was part of assault on Staleek's Decimator and the rescue of prisoners John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Stark, Rygel, Scorpius, and Sikozu. After escaping from the Decimator and rendezvousing with Moya, Jothee boarded the Leviathan and left Learko in command of the Penetrator and the team. The commandos returned to Qujaga, reaching the Eidelons' hidden city in the midst of a Scarran attack. While half of the team searched for Eidelon survivors, Learko and another commando rendezvoused with Jothee shortly after Moya's arrival. Jothee ordered Learko to safeguard Stark, who now was the sole living being in possession of the Eidelon's ancient peacemaking abilities, while the Kleeva left to rejoin the rest of his squad. Learko accompanied the crew and passengers of Moya to the Eidelon temple where they met up with one of the surviving Peacekeeper squads. There, Learko helped defend against a large Scarran attack. He was killed after the Scarrans and Charrids penetrated the temple's barricade, fatally stabbed by a Scarran. He died shortly before the birth of D'Argo Sun-Crichton.

Along with his abilities in combat, Learko also demonstrated aptitude for piloting, command, and even engineering as Jothee ordered him to check the engine shortly after escaping the Decimator.


  • Everybody hang the frell on!
  • (Last words) Say hello to the... Kleeva for me. Tell him... tell him it was an honor to serve.


  • Learko was played by frequent Farscape guest star John Adam, probably best known for his portrayal of the helmet-headed Tavlek Bekhesh. Adam also played Lieutenant Jatos during the miniseries.