Leslie Crichton
Species Human
Age deceased
Romantic Associations married to Jack Crichton
Known Family Jack Crichton (husband); John Robert Crichton, Jr (son); Olivia Crichton (daughter); Susan Crichton Coleman (daughter); Frank Coleman (son-in-law); Bobby Coleman (grandson); Princess Katralla's daughter (granddaughter); D'Argo Sun-Crichton (grandson)
Portrayed by Carmen Duncan


Leslie Crichton was the mother of John Crichton. She died of a terminal illness four years before John reached the Uncharted Territories. The painful memory of her sickness and death was used to torment Crichton when he was captured by a Scarran. It was also likely the reason Crichton almost never talked about her.

Crichton described his mother as a "peacemaker" and as a result felt that she rarely stood up to his father Jack.

One of Leslie's hobbies was reading tarot cards.

Her maiden name was McDougall.




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