FirstĀ appearance 1.08 ("That Old Black Magic")
LastĀ appearance 1.08 ("That Old Black Magic")
Gender Male
Age deceased
Romantic Associations Zhaan
Portrayed by Grant Bowler

Liko was a shop owner of an unidentified species who lived on a commerce planet ruled by the malevolent sorcerer Maldis. Before Maldis' arrival, Liko was a high priest. When Maldis arrived, Liko tried to resist him with his spiritual powers, but the sorcerer was too powerful to stop and Liko became enslaved with the rest of his people.

Under Maldis, Liko was forced to accept his planet's situation and he opened a shop where he sold various substances and materials. With the arrival of Moya, Liko met Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, a ninth level Pa'u whose power he quickly recognized. When Zhaan's crew mate and friend John Crichton came under Maldis' attack, she suggested combining her powers with his to fight evil sorcerer. Knowing that Zhaan would need to use violence and desire harm on another in order to defeat Maldis, Liko attempted to bring her long buried violent tendencies back to the surface. After some work, he succeeded in doing this and he and Zhaan proceeded to Maldis' bazaar, combining their powers to overcome the magician. Though Zhaan was able to make Maldis corporeal, allowing Crichton to physically attack him and force the evil man's retreat, the attempt caused Liko to give all of his energy to Zhaan. After its completion, Liko's strength was gone and his life draining away. Though Liko was happy in his final moments to have driven Maldis from his planet, he regretted that his death would take him from Zhaan. His death deeply affected her.


  • It's not a disease that's done this. It's something much worse - a dark and dangerous force, wielded by an evil sorcerer whose name is Maldis. He feeds upon pain and death, gaining strength by tapping into the life-energy of others. Maldis invaded our planet and killed half our population. We who survive are prisoners, kept alive only at Maldis' whim.
  • (To Zhaan): Can you be guided? It's not just a matter of skill, it's intent. You must want to do harm, cause pain, even kill. You are a ninth level Pa'u. You simply aren't capable of that.
  • You think you've smothered your inner fire and found enlightenment. But all you've done is make yourself cold. Look at you. Struggling to contain what you're feeling, fighting to keep control.
  • You can't wish your fear away. Face it. Admit what it is you're scared of.
  • (Final words): You already have. Maldis is gone. The price was worth paying. I only regret... that you and I...



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