Farscape Encyclopedia Project
First appearance (3.09 "Losing Time")
Last appearance (3.11 "Incubator")
Gender Female
Species Relgarian
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Vehicle of Choice Peacekeeper Prowler
Portrayed by Jo Kerrigan


Linfer was a Relgarian Peacekeeper scientist assigned to Scorpius' wormhole project who initially worked under Project Leader Drillic, then later under Co-Kura Strappa. After Drillic's death and the subsequent data retrieved, she became confident in the research, believing that she had solved the problem the Peacekeepers had been having with tissue liquefication in wormhole travel, and subsequently volunteered to fly the next test into the wormhole, in spite of the risks and over the objections of Strappa.

In reality, she had volunteered for the mission as a means of deserting the Peacekeepers, believing that the increasingly obsessed and irrational Scorpius would eventually have her executed. She located Moya and offered to John Crichton her knowledge of wormhole shielding to make wormhole travel safe in exchange for letting her take possession of Moya. Given the history of her species' positive relationship with Leviathans, Pilot is enthusiastic about this idea. While Crichton considers her offer, however, Linfer discovers that the tissue liquefication process was not overcome by her modifications, only delayed. Rather than endure the slow, agonizing death from her body slowly disintegrating, Linfer left Moya in her stolen Prowler with Pilots full knowledge of her intentions, bidding him farewell before she activated the fighter's self-destruct.

Strappa later infers to Crichton that he had a fondness for Linfer, though how deep these feelings ran is not known.


  • "You have nothing to fear from me, and much to gain. Tell Crichton I offer him the secret to wormhole travel."
  • (Linfer's final words): "Pilot, thank you for granting my request. I'm sorry we won't travel together. Taka hi - Taka ho!"