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Lishala fancies the newcomer
First appearance (1.14 "Jeremiah Crichton")
Last appearance (1.14 "Jeremiah Crichton")
Gender Female
Species Acquaran, presumably Sebacean
Known Family Kato-Re (father)
Portrayed by Natalie Mendoza

Lishala was an Acquaran native and the daughter of Kato-Re, the village Grondeer or chief. In the months following John Crichton's crash landing on Acquara, Lishala grew to like the human, even seriously choosing him for a mate. This attention sparked jealousy in Rokon, an Acquaran hunter who had hoped to attract Lishala himself. As a result, Rokon and several guards attacked Crichton to eliminate him as a potential suitor. Crichton was saved by the timely arrival of Ka D'Argo, who Rokon spun into a vicious monster who had attacked him. Lishala was one of the few who believed Crichton's word that D'Argo was no threat to the village and tried to convince the others to no avail.

The arrival of Rygel, however, caused confusion as the Acquarans believed him to be the Masata, a kind of savior. Lishala was hurt, having realized that she and Crichton would never be together, but was willing to explain to him the story of the Masata. Later, when Rygel was to be sacrificed in a ceremony detailed in their sacred text, the Timbala, Lishala again took Crichton's side, protesting the ceremony and urging her people to think for themselves. Crichton soon exposed a device that had been left by the Hynerians, stopping its power dampening effects and freeing the Acquarans from centuries of unseen Hynerian repression.

With a new, freer future before them, Crichton departed, bidding Lishala and Rokon farewell as he finally returned to Moya.


  • (To John): I wasn't sure who to bet on - you or the shakloom.
  • In Acquara, the offering of food by a man to a woman signals his fondness for her.
  • (About Neera): It's all right. She knows nothing of my heart, and less of my sleeping habits. She should only get some of her own.



(1.14 "Jeremiah Crichton")