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Lo'Laan Tal
Gender Female
Species Sebacean
Age Deceased
Romantic Associations Ka D'Argo (husband)
Known Family Macton Tal (brother), Ka Jothee (son)
Portrayed by Alison Fox; Rachel Gordon

Lo'Laan Tal was the Sebacean wife to Ka D'Argo and mother to Ka Jothee. She and D'Argo were a troubled couple and their relationship was widely misunderstood by her people, especially her brother Macton Tal. While she and D'Argo were happy together whenever there were problems D'Argo would become more susceptible to Luxan hyper-rage (this may have been because of the aggravation he suffered for being constantly judged by the Sebaceans). It was because of this that D'Argo told her that if he ever harmed her in any way he would leave without question.

After D'Argo married Lo'Laan, and Lo'Laan and D'Argo had had their son Jothee, Macton tracked them down to confront Lo'Laan about marrying outside her species. Having no love for inter-species relationships and especially D'Argo, Macton tried to convince Lo'Laan to leave D'Argo. When Lo'Laan refused, a skirmish ensued with Lo'Laan's attempt to stab Macton. This resulted in her death as Macton, using his highly honed Peacekeeper defensive skills, turned the blade on her. To cover up his part in Lo'Laan's death, Macton beat Lo'Laan's dead body so he could blame her death on D'Argo's Luxan hyper-rage. His scheme worked and D'Argo was arrested and imprisoned for Lo'Laan's death, though the Peacekeepers were aware of Macton's guilt.

Lo'Laan's death was not truly avenged for another 12 cycles, when D'Argo confronted Macton while he and the rest of Moya's male crew were undergoing training to improve their mental discipline. Although Macton attempted to convince D'Argo that his hyper-rage-fuelled abuse had caused Lo'Laan to kill herself, D'Argo saw through the deception as he knew that Lo'Laan would never have left Jothee without a mother.


  • "You could never harm me, My love"