First appearance "Dungeons and Dominars"
Last appearance "Yes, That's Our Baby"
Gender Male
Species Hynerian

Bio[edit | edit source]

Lodnog was a Hynerian police officer stationed on Hyneria in the capital city of Nai-Bishan. He was partnered with fellow officer Frib. Unlike the talkative Frib, Lodnog was a Hynerian of few words, only responding to his partner's ramblings and questions with "Yes" and "No".

John Crichton and his infant son D'Argo encountered Frib and Lodnog while looking for a way to rescue Rygel, Chiana, and Ka Jothee from Hynerian imprisonment. While John distracted the cops, asking about his companions' impending execution, Aeryn Sun planted an explosive on the back of Frib's and Lodnog's vehicle. The intervention of Scorpius, however, prevented the bomb from going off and Frib and Lodnog were involved in arresting John and Aeryn.

They were both later present during Scorpius' interrogation of John and Aeryn. They kept an eye on Crichton during the questioning.

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