First appearance (1.7 "PK Tech Girl")
Last appearance (1.7 "PK Tech Girl")
Gender Male
Species Sheyang
Affiliation Rogue
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Sheyang vessel
Weapon of Choice Sheyang natural fireball attack
Portrayed by Peter Astridge

Lomus was a Sheyang mercenary, the protégé, and second-in-command to Teurac. He was ambitious and aggressive, and upon encountering Moya at the wreckage of the Zelbinion urged his overlord to attack and claim the Leviathan as his own. When Teurac was hesitant to attack, however, believing that Moya's Luxan commander had some hidden trap waiting for them, Lomus attacked Teurac, stunning him and taking control of their ship. His attack on Moya, however, failed due to the reactivation of the Zelbinion's defense screen.

Humiliated by his failure, Lomus surrendered command back to Teurac and accepted a mission to lead a team to board the Zelbinion and take it by force. The mission was made extremely dangerous by the constant fluctuation and movement of the holes in the Zelbinion's dated and malfunctioning screen. As a result, Lomus was the only member of his unit to make it through the shield alive.

After boarding the ancient command carrier, Lomus encountered former Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun. Though she held him at gunpoint, he was able to hold her off with his fireball attack. He soon found the other two individuals aboard, John Crichton and Peacekeeper tech Gilina Renaez. Though Crichton tried to convince him that killing him would kill them all, Lomus prepared to roast them both regardless. Before he could fire another shot, however, Aeryn returned and hit him with pulse fire and the Sheyang exploded in a fitting fireball.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • When was the last time you saw a Leviathan in the territories Teurac? Even you at your age have never claimed such a prize!
  • Alright, scoundrel foragers! It's time to prove our glory!

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