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First appearance (1.12 "Rhapsody in Blue")
Last appearance (1.12 "Rhapsody in Blue")
Gender Female
Species Delvian
Weapon of Choice Spell-Casting Chant
Portrayed by Darlene Vogel

Lorana was a Delvian missionary and a follower of Tuzak and later, Tahleen.


As one of Tahleen's foremost followers, she was allowed to share Unity with her. It's possible that she had previously done so with Hasko as he showed jealousy for her relationship with Tahleen and constantly questioned and condemned Tahleen's methods and ideas. In spite of Hasko's protests and her own lingering disquiet, Lorana followed Tahleen's instructions, including when she ordered Lorana to use her mental powers to occupy the mind of John Crichton, creating a hallucination where Crichton believed Lorana to be his former love Alex O'Connor. Her sharing of Crichton's mind, however, allowed her to witness his virtue and helped to realize her own.

Unable to accept Tahleen's leadership any longer, Lorana released Crichton's mind from the visions and allowed him to see the truth. She convinced him to save Zhaan from her own madness by allowing her to find her virtue as he had done with Lorana.

As Crichton shared Unity with Zhaan to accomplish this, Lorana distracted Tahleen, telling her that what they did was wrong and that Zhaan and Crichton were escaping. Tahleen found Crichton destroying the temple's sanctity root, a symbol of their search for purity, and was defeated by Zhaan's superior mental abilities.

With Tahleen powerless and slipping into insanity, Crichton assured Lorana that everything would now be all right.


  • (To Hasko): I pity you your jealousy. Tahleen and I share unity now. Not you and I. Accept that and move on.
  • (To John): Your feelings for Zhaan, I share them too. And for you, and the others. We have fallen off the path.
  • (To John): Whilst in your mind, you have showed me the ember of my own virtue.


  • Both Lorana and Alex were portrayed by Darlene Vogel.