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Magra was an adjective in the Uncharted Territories that emphasized the meaning of another word and was most often associated with fahrbot. Both words seemed to have Hynerian origin.

When John Crichton talked about infiltrating the Gammak Base to save Aeryn Sun, Rygel told him that he wasn't just fahrbot, he was magra-fahrbot. ("Nerve")

Rygel's wife, Mmyna, told him that he was magra-fahrbot for believing that his other 1,436 wives had remarried, when Bishan had them all killed. ("Yes, That's Our Baby")

When the crew of Moya visited a Commerce Planet in the Pesh System, they encountered Tira, who told them that her "crew [was] magra-fahrbot, and so is everyone else here, except us" as the Whaela'an virus began to take hold of people. ("Leave It to Crichton")