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Grand Chancellor Maryk
First appearance Peacekeeper Wars: Part 1
Last appearance Peacekeeper Wars: Part 1
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Age Deceased
Romantic Associations Mele-On Grayza
Vehicle of Choice Command carrier
Portrayed by Linal Haft
"I will not be remembered by history as the commander under whom Peacekeeperdom fell."
― Grand Chancellor Maryk

Grand Chancellor Maryk is the leader of the Peacekeeper military during much of the Peacekeeper/Scarran War. His headquarters at Peacekeeper Strategic Command, Maryk is able to coordinate the considerable Peacekeeper military and issue his orders throughout the fleet.

As leader, Maryk is a very cautious man, perhaps to a fault. He is strongly opposed to an open war with the Scarrans believing that being outnumbered and out-gunned, the Peacekeepers have almost no chance of victory.

He is left with no choice, however, when one of his armada commanders, Scorpius, launches a preemptive attack on the Scarran Empire, dragging the Peacekeepers into war. Maryk is furious with Scorpius' actions and reluctant to fight but ultimately has no choice but to wage the war he hoped to put off. Scorpius' reasoning was that the Scarran military buildup was outpacing their own, time was on the Scarrans' side, and their only real hope was to gain the advantage of a pre-emptive strike as soon as possible. In retaliation, Maryk orders Scorpius' command terminated and his carrier to be fired upon if sighted.

During this time, Maryk finds both physical and emotional comfort with Commandant Grayza, having possibly fathered a daughter with her. While Maryk puts up a strong, solid front for his soldiers, he shares his true feelings with Grayza: belief that the war is not winnable and that they must sue peace in the form of truce or surrender if the Peacekeepers are to survive.

Grayza, sensing weakness in their leader, secretly poisons Maryk and takes command of his battle group.


  • "Where the hezmana in my orders did you find the phrase 'preemptive attack'?!?!"
  • "Do you know what this now means, SCORPIUS!? It means thats we are now officially engaged in the last war of our era! Congratulations."


  • Linal Haft previously appeared on Farscape as the Zenetan Pirate Zelkin in the Liars, Guns, and Money trilogy.