Meelak isn't what he seems
FirstĀ appearance (2.18 "A Clockwork Nebari")
Gender Male
Species Nebari
Affiliation Nebari Resistance
Weapon of Choice Espionage
Portrayed by Malcolm Kennard

Meelak was an alleged member of the Nebari Establishment. In fact, he was a double agent who worked for the Nebari Resistance.

Some time after Nerri had established himself as one of the leaders of the Nebari Resistance, Meelak infiltrated the Establishment, becoming part of Varla's team sent to track down Nerri. He was aboard her ship when it was attacked by a Peacekeeper patrol and was the only other survivor other than Varla herself. Like her, he was injured and scarred in the attack.

After Varla boarded and subdued the crew of Moya, Meelak arrived under the guise of working for her, helping manage their captives and interrogate Chiana for information on her brother. He soon revealed his true allegiance to Chiana and John Crichton, sharing with her a message from Nerri and informing them that he had information on the Establishment that would be useful to the Resistance that he needed to deliver. He had to put his mission first, telling Crichton and Chiana they were on their own if they wished too overcome Varla.

When Crichton, Chiana, and Pilot later enacted a plan to spoil Varla's plans, Varla refused to give up control of the ship to Pilot. When it seemed she was about to kill Chiana, Crichton revealed the ruse. Angry at their attempt, Varla prepared to kill Crichton as punishment, Meelak shot her in the back before she could carry it out, telling her that she had betrayed the spirit of their people.

Meelak soon departed with the information, in spite of Chiana's protests to see her brother. Whether he made it back to the Resistance is unknown.

Like Varla, Meelak had a control for the restraint collars that would allow him to inflict pain on their captives.


  • (To Chiana): The only thing that Nerri cares more about than the resistance is you.
  • I have some data that I've got to get back to Nerri and the others. As soon as we hit the outpost, I'm going to take the express out of there. You two are on your own.
  • (As Varla attacks Chiana): No! You are senior here, Varla, but I resist the temptation to terminate the prize that we were sent to retrieve!
  • (After shooting Varla): have betrayed the spirit of our people.



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