Lieutenant Melkor
First appearance (1.03 "Exodus From Genesis")
Gender Male
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Vehicle of Choice Marauder
Weapon of Choice Pulse rifle
Portrayed by Damian de Montemas
"What kind of creature are you?"
― Lt. Melkor to John Crichton

Lieutenant Melkor was a Peacekeeper commando and the leader of a squad assigned to one of many Marauders sent by Captain Crais to find Moya.

His squad discovered and boarded the Leviathan during its encounter with the draks. Unknown to them, the draks had taken over much of the ship, raising the heat to temperatures intolerable for Sebaceans. As they moved through the ship, the squad also discovered several members of the crew, not realizing that they were in fact cloned replicants of Moya's crew. In spite of the intense heat and the hesitance of his squad, Melkor pressed on. When they finally reached command, he and his squad barely had the energy to move, putting them in an unfavorable condition to be confronted by John Crichton himself. Not just one John Crichton, but several as he used a number of drak replicants to give the appearance of a group of identical Crichtons. Crichton offered to send them back to Crais with a warning to stay away from him, something Melkor was slow to accept. The heat and shock of the situation was too much for Melkor and he collapsed in exhaustion.

As promised, Crichton allowed Melkor and his commandos to go with their message for Crais.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Officer Sun. How fortunate for you to be spared the punishment of a Captain Crais court-martial."
  • "These creatures, whatever they are, they're no real threat to us. We continue forward."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Melkor is also the name for the first dark lord of middle-earth, in JRR Tolkien's novel, The Silmarillion.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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