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First appearance "Return of the King"
Last appearance "Talkin' Kkore Blues"
Gender Female
Species Hynerian
Romantic Associations Rygel XVI

Mmyna was one of the 1,437 wives of Dominar Rygel XVI. According to Rygel, she was the wife he trusted the most.

Shortly after the end of the Peacekeeper/Scarran War, Rygel was contacted by Mmyna during his attempts to get information about he situation on Hyneria. She informed him of the unfortunate news that his cousin Dominar Bishan had retracted his offer to allow Rygel back into the Empire and had placed a bounty on him instead. Rygel remained in contact with Mmyna as he returned to Hynerian space and learned from her that many Hynerians remained loyal to him in spite of Bishan's efforts. Rygel agreed to meet with Mmyna and the rebels on Hyneria's fourth moon. It turned out, however, that Mmyna was still loyal to Bishan, having led her ex-husband into a trap.

In spite of her loyalty, Bishan imprisoned Mmyna after taking Rygel into custody, and the former Dominar found himself sharing a prison cell with his ex-wife and betrayer aboard a Peacekeeper Marauder.