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Captain Molayne
Captain Molayne.jpg
An appreciative captain
First appearance (3.11 "Incubator")
Last appearance (3.11 "Incubator")
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Vehicle of Choice Command carrier
Portrayed by William Zappa
"A Captain's as high as you'll get I'm afraid. You'll deal with me - or with more interrogators. Frankly, I'm a far better choice."
― Captain Molayne to Scorpius

Captain Molayne was a Peacekeeper command carrier captain. His carrier picked up a young Scorpius after the half-breed entered Peacekeeper territory. Following Scorpius' interrogation, Molayne met with him as Scorpius had refused to divulge certain information to anyone of lower rank. In exchange for what Scorpius had already told them about the Scarrans, Molayne gave Scorpius the truth about his lineage and the tragic end to his mother's life.

Later, after Scorpius had been captured and again escaped the Scarrans, Molayne's command carrier overtook and destroyed the dreadnought, rescuing Scorpius in the process. In return for his services, Peacekeeper First Command waived its usual purity regulations and allowed Scorpius to join the Peacekeeper ranks. Molayne was the first to welcome him to Peacekeeper service.