Farscape Encyclopedia Project
First appearance (3.02 "Suns and Lovers")
Last appearance (3.02 "Suns and Lovers")
Gender Male
Age Deceased
Portrayed by Thomas Holesgrove

Moordil was the barkeep on one of the commerce stations near the Twin Suns of Qell. He was a massive, many-armed creature that looked something like a cross between a humanoid, spider, and walrus. He had blond hair down past his shoulders and wore a fez. He spoke with an accent similar to a Russian accent.

He first met the Moya crew when John Crichton had been drinking in his bar for a while, complaining about his recent encounters. During this time, the station was being hit by a gamma storm. After Borlik had entered the bar and ordered drinks for Crichton and Aeryn Sun, the storm hit with full force and Moordil was injured by a falling beam and trapped beneath it. Zhaan tended to his injuries, but his monin artery had been pierced by the beam.

When news of the children in the nursery reached the survivors in the bar, he gave Aeryn and Crichton directions to travel through the filtration vents and waste conduits.

Later, when it was discovered that the storms were attracted to something within the station, he turned to Borlik and told her that it was not Gezma's wrath, and then informed Crichton of the Kampeks, how they were insane, and how he had tried to bribe them.

He died in Zhaan's arms a short time later. ("Suns and Lovers")