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Moya's Crew
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Pilot, Ka D'Argo, Zotoh Zhaan, Rygel XVI

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Moya, Uncharted Territories, Tormented Space, Earth

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Chronological and political information

1.1 "Premiere"




A group of escaped prisoners, adventurers and wanderers that came together aboard the Leviathan Moya. Throughout Moya's journey across the Uncharted Territories, these people (& creatures) all traveled aboard Moya for one reason or another.


While during the course of Moya's travels through the Uncharted Territories, most of the crew led at one point or another. There was no recognized hierarchy among the crew, meaning no real ranks. While this worked for a time for the crew, it also led to incessant bickering and even the occasional physical confrontation. This led to a rare occasion where Moya exerted her will on the crew, and through Pilot, forced her passengers to elect a captain from among the crew, stating that multiple requests from many of the crew members were becoming increasingly difficult to deal with. The crew even bickered about this, and as a result, Moya refused to move any further. The crew ultimately agreed that Ka D'Argo would represent the crew to Pilot and Moya as the captain.

The CrewEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

After the separation:

  • Talyn's crew
    • Aeryn Sun
    • Crais
    • John Crichton (one of the twins)
    • Rygel XVI
    • Stark
  • Moya's crew during separation:
    • John Cricton (one of the twins),
    • Chiana
    • Jool
    • Ka D'Argo
    • Pilot

Season 4 Edit

Elack's crew:

  • Chiana
  • John Crichton
  • Rygel XVI
  • Pilot
  • Sikozu

Lo'La's Crew:

  • John
  • D'Argo
  • Noranti
  • Chiana
  • Jool
  • Rygel
  • Sikozu
  • DRD 1812

PK Wars CrewEdit

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