Naj Gil
Naj Gil is a Scarran reformed.
First appearance (3.18 "Fractures")
Last appearance (3.19 "I-Yensch, You-Yensch")
Gender Male
Species Scarran lower class scarran
Portrayed by Nicolas McKay (voice), Thomas Holesgrove (body)


Naj Gil is a Scarran and a former captive of the Peacekeepers. Shortly after being captured, the Peacekeepers removed his heat gland, making him unable to perform the Scarrans' natural heat-based attack.

Some time later, while he and several fellow prisoners were to be used in a Peacekeeper weapons test, Naj manages to overpower a Peacekeeper tech who was working on the test and escape in a transport pod. The pod eventually comes across Moya and the prisoners are allowed to board. The situation soon deteriorates, however, when it turns out that one of the prisoners is a traitor. The traitor shoots Naj Gil in his recently stitched surgery wound, but thanks to his tough Scarran hide and the help of Jool, he manages to recover.

Due to his recuperation, Naj plays little part in the discovery and eventual stopping of the traitor's identity: the Hynerian prisoner Orrhn. In spite of his short time on Moya, he manages to develop good relationships with D'Argo and Jool. Later, when Moya and Talyn rendezvous with a hospital ship for Naj's departure, he offers Jool the chance to come with him. Though she is reluctant at first, Jool changes her mind after he boards the hospital ship and tries to go herself. Chiana, however, stops her, having had a vision where she saw herself mourning for Jool.

Minutes later, before the hospital ship can depart, they are attacked by a pair of Peacekeeper craft. Talyn easily destroys both ships, but in his confusion and aggression turns his guns on the hospital ship as well. Naj Gil dies in its destruction.


  • "Jool, your friends are negotiating with Peacekeepers. You stay here you'll end up dead."


  • Naj Gil was the sixth Scarran played by Thomas Holesgrove. He had previously played Cargn, Grath, Plonek, Wolesh, and Alcar. His other Farscape roles included Tak, Teurac, Tocot, Moordil, and Vek.
  • Naj Gil was the only Scarran to appear on the show not portrayed as an antagonist.


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