Narl was a term used by the Clansmen to mean baby, birth, or new life.

At the Gathering, Molnon declared "New narl emerges" when a woman approached with her newborn. After the ceremony, John Crichton asked Vyna what she was talking about with Chiana, and she responded "When Narl comes, Chiana wants to jump." Later, Molnon backed out of the ceremony, giving his place up to Chiana, stating "The only thing worth having is a Narl, and I want one." ("Taking the Stone")

When Ka D'Argo and Chiana discovered that Aeryn Sun was pregnant, they wondered if Crichton knew that the narl might not be his. ("Natural Election")

When Rygel was carrying Aeryn and Crichton's baby, Chiana asked him, "Princess, the nar's in your stomach? Drad." ("Peacekeeper Wars: Part 1")

When Aeryn was giving birth, Crichton asked Chiana to help, but Chiana began to panic stating "I can't birth her narl. I don't want a narl. I hate narls. I'm still a narl myself." Crichton pointed out that she'd helped with Talyn's birth before, but Chiana noted that she'd shot a wall and three tiers. ("Peacekeeper Wars: Part 2")

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