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Nathaniel Dean

Nathaniel Dean is an actor who played Ka Jothee on Farscape in Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

Dave Elsey remembers that Matt Newton was going to return for the role of Jothee in the Peacekeeper Wars but was unable to play the role and Nathaniel Dean showed up in his place. Elsey stated "the actor they got to play Jothee, was brilliant, because even without the makeup on, he looks just like Matt, except he's about a foot taller and he's really buff and built up, so he looks like an older version of Matt. We had already talked about this being an older, more adult version of Jothee, so he was perfectly cast and did very well in bringing the makeup to life. He really behaved like D'Argo's son. They had the same laugh, the same kind of voice and body movements; it was a brilliant pairing between the two of them." (The Creatures of Farscape: Inside Jim Henson's Creature Shop)

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